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Coral Island (Koh He)
Coral Island (Koh He)

Coral Island, in Thai Koh Hae called, is located only 9 Km of Phuket southern coast in the Andaman Sea. As the name implies the island is surrounded by colorful coral reefs and long stretches of whites sandy beaches.

With only one hotel and a few tiny local fishing communities Coral Island is still the Tropical Dream destination for travelers who want absolute quite away from the Phuket crowds. Besides the beautiful beaches secludes bays can be explored by a shot trek over the islands hills. 

The island offers ideal locations for all kinds of water sports, snorkeling from the beach and longer diving or fishing excursions can be arranged.

Getting there and getting around

The island can be reached by just 15 minutes. By speedboat ride or 30 minutes. By ferry from Phuket Chalong Bay.


Koh Hae has tropical climate all year round. Temperatures can reach 45º C from mid February to the middle of April. The rainy season starts in June and lasts until October. The best time to visit the Island is from November to April during the dry season. But also the early rainy season from Mai to July is a great time to visit the island because prices are much lower than during the High Season and the weather is still generally good with only a few sporadic showers every couple of days. Only with the beginning of August the Monsoon increases with almost daily rainfall until the end of October.