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Koh Mook
Koh Mook

The island Koh Mook lies in front of the coastline of the province Trang between Koh Hai and Koh Kradan. The coast line of the island is defined by karst riffs and mangrove forests. The southern part has some palm-fringed beaches and bays. The region around the island belongs to a marine national park and is home to the rare dugongs, a sea cow species which can only be found in this region around Trang. The sea cows eat the local sea weed that is growing in this area. The animals can reach 4 metres and with a bit luck divers can see them.

The only 5.6 square kilometres big island which means translated „pearl island” and lies in front of the coast of Trang. The only fully build road of the island connects the pier with the two resorts. Koh Mook highest mountain range is about 345 metres high. The people on the island are living from coconut cultivation and rubber productions as well as from fishing.

The palm fringed sandy beaches of Koh Mook are ideal for sunbathing and swimming. The region invites for trips to the surrounding islands or a biking tour to the small village. For divers the area around Koh Chueck, Koh Ma or Koh Waen will be interesting. Also Koh Hai is easy and fast to reach with a long tail boat. 

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Getting there and getting around

The fastest way to Koh Mook is with a flight to Krabi or the province city of Trang. A flight from Bangkok to Trang is the faster and cheaper way, but with only two flights leaving daily there are not always tickets available. The alternative is with a flight to Krabi and then with a land transfer to the pier in Pak Meng. A lot cheaper than a flight is the journey with bus or train. These modes of transportation are departing regularly from Bangkok to Trang. After arriving, a transfer to the pier will be necessary.

From the pier in Pak Meng travellers will have to take a ferry or a long tail boat to Koh Mook. Another possibility is to use one of the hotel owned speed boats which are more expensive but with 15 minutes much faster. The other boats will take at least 40 minutes for the voyage. The speed boat service is only operating during the high season.

Activities and Sight-seeing

Emerald Cave

On this island you can visit the Emerald Cave which is called Tham Morakot by the locals. The cave can be reached through a long limestone channel that is connected to the sea. In the inside you will find a amazing lagoon surrounded by high cliffs. It is only possible to pass the channel during low tide.

Diving & snorkelling

The area around Koh Chueak, Koh Ma and Koh Waen are good spots for snorkelling. The underwater world with its tropical colourful fishes and corals are fascinating. When divers are lucky, they can catch a glimpse of a Dugong, a big sea cow and dolphins which are only in Thailand in this area around Trang. Divers can organise a trip with the Princess Divers which are operating in this region. Usually it is only possible to dive in the high season due to the proper weather and water conditions. Divers can book several common PADI courses and diving trips.


The beaches

Koh Mook has actually two beaches, one in the east and one in the west.  On the east coast beach are only a few resorts and on the west coast is only one resort. From both beaches visitors can easy explore the beautiful underwater scenery with the thousands of colorful fishes. From one bay to the other leads a small path.

The about 50 surrounding islands of the marine national park are barely known by tourism. The sandy beaches, coral riffs and the huge variety of animals living on the islands are still an insider tip for people who are looking for revitalization.

Farang Beach

The long palm lined beach, also known as Farang Beach is in front of the Charlie Beach Resort at the west coast. The bay offers a great view on the Andaman Sea and the nearby island Koh Kradan. The beach is wide and at the end marked by high cliffs.


The best time to visit Koh Mook is during the months of November and April. In Mai the low season starts and there are only a few tourists around the island. But the weather is till the end of June often very good what makes it an insider tip for travellers who seek a more private surrounding.

The following month and especially the month from September to October bring a lot of rainy days with strong winds. During this time when the winds and waves are too strong it is possible that visitors can’t leave the island and have to wait for better conditions before leaving. The average water temperature is by 28 degrees.

Tours to Koh Mook
Koh Mook & Koh Hai

  8 days / 7 nights

  Koh Mook - Koh Hai

Krabi – Koh Mook & Koh Hai

  10 days / 9 nights

  Krabi - Koh Mook - Koh Hai

Southern Thailand Island Explorer

  13 days / 12 nights

  Krabi - Koh Lanta - Koh Hai - Koh Mook