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Koh Sukorn
Koh Sukorn

Koh Sukorn is a largely unbeknown and isolated island in the far south region of the province Trang. Despite the fact that the island is remote the island is easy to reach and offers visitors a private and recreate atmosphere. The basic life of the locals who inhabit this island seems to be the same as many years ago. This all together makes the island a perfect place for people who don’t want to be disturbed by noises and crowds of tourists.

The locals call this dreamy island Koh Moo. In total there are about 3,000 people living on this small island. The main source of income comes from the rubber production and fishing. Tourism is with a handful of tourists just a very small part of the income. The only 4 x 8 kilometre big island is apart from the only 150 meters high hill very plain. The view from this hill is excellent and you can overlook the island and the Andaman Sea. The island has a big number of water buffalos which can be seen around mud holes.

The infrastructure is compared to the bigger islands very simple with one small street connection the northern part with the southern part of the island. A small supermarket provides the absolute necessary good for the locals as well as for the tourists. 

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Getting there and getting around

The province of Trang has its own little airport with about 2 flights leaving daily. There are also Bus and train connections to Trang. From the southern bus terminal in Bangkok there are regularly different classes of busses leaving. Prices start at about 450 THB and go up to 1000 THB for the first class bus. The journey will take a little less than 11 hours. From the Hua Lamphong train station in Bangkok there are two trains per day heading to Trang. The ride takes about 13 hours whereas we recommend the night which is the more convenient one. The prices range from 550 THB for the third class to 1250 THB for the first class.

From the airport or the respective station will be a land transfer of about 1 hour necessary to the Ta Se Pier. At the pier travellers will find long tail boats for the voyage over to the island.

On the island people can chose between mountain bikes and motor bikes which can be lend for a minor amount. There are only a few pic ups on the island so we highly recommend choosing at least the mountain bike for personal transportation.

Activities and Sight-seeing

Mountain Biking

The bike is a good mode of transportation to explore the plain the entire island in his or her own speed and stop at interesting spots. From the viewpoint of the 150 meter high mountain travellers can oversee the island and the Andaman Sea. At the pier is a small fish market where there is a lot to see with plenty of photo opportunities. Another destination could be the rubber plantations where people can learn more about the rubber production and its methods. The water buffalos between the rice fields and mud holes is another attraction not be missed.

Diving & Snorkelling

There are many boats departing daily with small excursion groups to the surrounding island like Koh Takiang, Koh Laoliang and to the Koh Petra national park. Especially the Koh Petra national park can be easily reached from Koh Sukorn. In the diversified underwater world are many tropical fishes and plants to be discovered.


A voyage with the kayak around the island is a good tip to discover small hidden bays along the coast. The untouched mangrove forest outside the island offers a huge variety of birds which live here and can be easily observed from the kayak.


About the beaches

Koh Sukorn is one of the few which are really secluded islands in Thailand. The beach is not comparable with the ones on the neighbouring islands further north like Koh Hai or Koh Mook, due to his dark sand. The sea is on the east side very plain so it can be difficult to swim there. On the west side there are better beach sections to be found where visitors can relax in their deck chairs. Here you can swim and snorkel without problems. 

In general Koh Sukorn is place to relax and lose contact with the world outside the island due to the small population and nearly no tourism. In combination with the scenery and the view over the Andaman Sea and the picturesque sun set the island combines everything for a peaceful and regenerative holiday. Due to his dark sand, the price for accommodations and food are in this region is a lot cheaper compared to the other islands in the Gulf of Thailand.


The best time to visit this island is between November and April during the dry season. At the beginning of Mai the low season starts with nearly no tourists on this Koh Sukorn. The weather is often very good till the end of June with just a couple of sporadic showers mainly in the afternoon or night.

With the beginning of July until the end of October the island is exposed to the south west monsoon. Through the unprotected position of the island at the edge of the Andaman Sea the weather on the island can change fast and it can rain for many days consecutively.